Current educational trends, such as a focus on data and high accountability, require educators to manage multiple data sources to drive instruction and make informed decisions to meet students’ needs.  RTI Companion is a user-friendly data dashboard that was created by teachers for teachers.  RTI Companion provides access to an interactive data warehouse with a few simple clicks of a mouse.

Educate With Data aims to provide its customers with a simple and comprehensive experience.  Teacher data entry is minimal (contact logs, referrals, etc.), but the possibilities are endless.

District data is readily available to all educators in a convenient and manageable format. 

RTI Companion provides classroom level statistics at a glance; this can be used to help differentiate instruction according to the particular needs of individual or groups of students.

Educate With Data has also created the RTI Companion Index.  This cutting edge feature integrates ALL data points to formulate a numerical value that is indicative of a student’s current level of performance.  This numerical value simplifies the management of multiple points of data, facilitating the often-complex task of progress monitoring.   

Examples of Data: